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SMSWEB PRO - Bulk SMS Messaging for Business

SMSWEB PRO offers you access to a secure, dependable, high capacity Bulk SMS messaging platform.

This web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features.

Bulk SMS Messaging provides you with a unique method of contacting individuals wherever they are, right to their mobile phone. Bulk SMS Messaging can be particularly effective when you are contacting members of a club, sales force, event attendees etc. Bulk SMS Messaging can get a simple message straight through to every person, quickly and efficiently.

No matter what the size of your business, club, church or community, SMSWEB PRO offers a solution to your needs. With a variety of affordable and flexible monthly payment options, you simply choose the package best suited to your needs, and SMSWEB PRO takes care of the rest – no payment delays, faxing or delays in getting your SMS credits activated...

Why Use SMSWEB PRO for your Bulk SMS Messaging?
  • Most affordable and effective method of direct communication across all South African cellular networks.
  • System allows for easy import of number lists with standardized or customized message content.
  • Standard SMS contains 160 characters.
  • No setup costs, SMS credits are purchased as required or by monthly debit order.
  • Integration with exiting systems using HTTP or web service interfaces.
  • SMS scheduling features allowing proactive message dissemination up to a year in advance.

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